What our clients are saying about us

It was great working with you all on this. You are all excellent at being able to listen to what we thought we needed, synthesising and refining this into a defined purpose and adding value from your experience with evaluations.

Thanks again for your amazing input over this phase. I am not sure I fully understand why but the whole place somehow feels more positive as a result of this work – just a ridiculously awesome outcome!

You and the team have done a tremendous job and we were impressed with how responsive and thorough you’ve been throughout the whole process. We’ve picked up a lot of useful information from the findings along with data that we can use to further improve the Program. The delivery partners also had only positive things to say about their interaction with you and the team and found a lot of interesting findings from a customer/operational perspective.

Your engagement with the Executive Management Group helped us approach this important work with fresh eyes and create a plan that offers a flexible but robust way forward to transformational readiness.
Your assistance with the wider staff consultation allowed them to genuinely engage with the process and means that we have a strong consensus to move forward.

The evaluation approach, methods and tools included in the Place-based Evaluation Framework package have been extremely relevant for us and shown us how to step out a phased approach to evaluation. We have benefited from the conceptual tools, which have helped us understand the multiple dimensions of the evaluation work.

For me, the most powerful aspect of this framework and toolkit is in the scaffolded offering, that guides people with various levels of resourcing or evaluation capability to apply a set of tools and processes that is appropriate to the work and the availability of resources.

The co-design workshops were extremely well-planned and facilitated, and in fact were the catalyst to stimulate my interest in learning more about evaluation! The process has been robust and transparent, and the end result is truly game-changing for people working to address complexity in place.

(The Tools Workshop was) …. exceptional. It was a delight to watch Jess facilitate the process. The workshop was active and engaging. The background and framing was really clear as was the design of the activities. The sociometry line up was terrific. I think the process is going really well.

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you so much to Clear Horizons for the most flexible and brilliant support to HFA and the delivery of an evaluation that was so incredible for our work in Central Vic – the Prevention Lab.

I just loved working with Lucy and Rini – our co-design and evolution was all that it should be.

Our clients and partners in change