How to Apply Measurement, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) to a Community Garden Project

Unpacking Bias: Most Significant Change and Language Influence on the Selection Process

A little while back, we had an interesting exchange in our Microsoft Teams channel about the inherent bias in the story selection process in the Most Significant Change (MSC) technique and what can be done to address it. In honour of the approaching 20-year anniversary of the MSC method (yes, it’s really been around for nearly 20 years!) we thought we should shine a light on how we help clients and learners mitigate the effects of their story selection bias to make the most of the MSC method.

International Women’s Day at Clear Horizon

Count Her In. Read Managing Partner at Clear Horizon, Carina Calzoni, and founder Jess Dart’s reflections as we celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day.

Is the evaluation of place-based approaches stuck?

Reflections on 26 January

At Clear Horizon, in solidarity with our First Nations people, we do not adhere to 26 January as a day of celebration. We are committed to reconciliation, truth-telling, and collaboration with Aboriginal communities for guidance and insight, and we believe this choice aligns with our commitment. This has been our choice since 2017 when it was decided by an overwhelming majority vote.

The Food We Grow: Home Gardeners at Clear Horizon

From space-efficient balcony setups to large permaculture-principled plots, it turns out the Clear Horizon team loves to get their hands dirty when they’re not at work. Read on to learn their hard-earned tricks, and more!