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6 reasons your manager should put you on a MEL course – and why they should join you!

Has someone asked you to put together an impact summary that’s left you scrambling? Are you collecting evaluation data you suspect will never get looked at? Or maybe you’re just not sure where to best invest your limited resources. Any of this sound familiar? If so, some quality MEL training could help. Damien Sweeney and Bethany Hanson have put together the business case for investing in MEL skills – including why your manager should join you.

My Career in MEL – Part 1

Thinking about a new career? You’re not alone according to research, which shows during COVID around a third of us have seriously considered alternate employment. And one thing that’s keeping people in their current roles? Feeling engaged with their work. We recently spoke to evaluation experts Zazie Tolmer and Dr Jess Dart to get their insights on what skills they started with, what they’ve needed to build, and what you should be considering for a career in the changing MEL landscape.